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Thread: Visa revocation for DUI

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    Visa revocation for DUI

    Read it on OHLaw Firm... so just wanted to post for general info

    05/02/2016: State Department New Policy: Revoke Nonimmigrant Visa on DUI "Arrest"
    •The U.S. Department of State has disclosed that since November 5, 2015, the Visa Office instructed consular officers to prudentially revoke the visas of visa-holders with a DUI arrest that has occurred within the past five years. This was disclosed during the lieaison meeting with the American Immigration Lawyers Association on April 7, 2016. This revocation of the nonimmigrant visa applies to the nonimmigrants in the United States and some of these nonimmigrants have been receiving such revocation notices. Remember that the revocation does not need conviction. Finding of DUI drive arrest record triggers such revocation. This new policy has been causing huge problems for certain nonimmigrant in the United States. Please read pp.3-4 of the liaison minute. Those with such DUI arrest record should seek legal counsel before they make a trip outside of the United States.
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