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Thread: EB2-3 Predictions (Rather Calculations)

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    sorry for off topic question, our EAD/AP expires second week of dec 2017, we are planning to apply for renewal ourselves, have done that last 2 times. lawyer tells me that I can now apply for EAD/AP renewal 180 days in advance. I remember that used to be 120 days in advance. did that recently change?

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    Thanks a lot Spec, appreciate it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spectator View Post

    I suggest you read the USCIS Policy Manual, Volume 7 Adjustment of Status, Chapter 7 Transfer of Underlying Basis which provides information pertinent to this situation.

    From a quick read, you'll have to make a request in writing to USCIS and the request cannot be made until a visa is immediately available (i.e. the PD is current for the new basis). The policy doesn't make any mention or differentiation between Filing Dates and Final Action Dates.

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    I would deeply appreciate if someone can weigh in on my post above. Looking to renew EAD and AP that expire mid dec 2017, we are in EB2 (c9 category for EAD).
    1. Can we send in renewal for EAD 180 days in advance?
    2. does the same apply to AP as well (180 days in advance)?
    thank you

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